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Can films change the world? No. Or maybe yes. The power of images is undisputed. Also that behind every film is an intention. The central theme of this year’s BILDRAUSCH edition is Truth and Other Lies. News is streamed nonstop from all over the world. What can we believe? Who guarantees the facts? We can look away. Or observe and form an opinion.

Our film program deals with critical questions about home, identity, and interpersonal relationships that dominate our complex everyday life with all its (un)truths. The short film series SHORTS explores family ties, investigates voyeuristic gazes, and enchants us with love stories. The in-depth FOKUS series takes a look at investigative methods in film. It reveals shades of truth and shows the courage, power, and means of journalistic filmmaking – but also powerlessness in the face of violence and censorship.

Management Team
Samuel Steinemann, Director
Susanne Guggenberger, Artistic Director

Sung Moon
Susana Santos Rodrigues
Andrei Tănăsescu

Board Verein Bildrausch
Aline Pieth, Präsidentin
Margrit Tröhler

Press & Communication
Michelle Nüssli

Transport coordination
Katja Morand

Head of Kasse, Bar and Foyer
Tobija Stuker

Screening Coordination
Jens Leuner

Angela Knor

Production Management
Iuri Rigo

Intern Production
Ramona Roppel

Ilse Bloemendal
Roman Häfliger

Copy writing
Thomas Bachmann

Andrea Schellner
Mý Huê McGowran

Programming Webseite
Hypersecret Studio

Flowers, decoration
Rebekka’s Handwerkstatt

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